Friday, November 9, 2012

OCTOBER - My DIY Greenhouse

Every Winter when the snow flies I get itchy feet to get out and dig into the dirt.  So I decided to tinker around until I figured a way to build my own greenhouse.  It started out real simple:
Sch 40 1 inch PVC pipe is cheap and as a kid I liked building with Tinker Toys.  So I just started to tinker!

After a few days and several designs, it all started to come together.  I took into consideration the Winter rain and snow and of course the wind.  It had to be strong and yet light enough for me to move it if needed.
I still had to modify and strengthen it several more times
and then figure out how to cover it and install a door.

I used 6 mill plastic sheeting from Lowes, and hinged the door with a latch to keep it closed at night.
Above, you can see where I framed in a window on the back of my greenhouse.
I cut larger size PVC pipe into 2 inch segments and then cut them so they would just snap over the plastic sheeting and the pipe frame.  After a little trial and error I got the size just right and I used these home made clips to secure the plastic sheeting to the frame.

I then secured the door latch and hinges and started to furnish my new greenhouse. Was I ever excited when I put my first plants inside!

The finished size is about 8 feet wide and 8.5 feet deep and 7 feet tall.

I used my magnifying glass to burn some fun plant signs and
then I made one for the front door of my finished greenhouse.

When some guys bug their wife they are sent to the dog house but my wife is so sweet I get to go to my greenhouse where I grow her more flowers!
 Just in time for Winter! Nov 10, 2012 - Picture at 6 a.m. with a flash.
Picture without a flash! You can see I have strapped it down to
the cement and put a solar powered light in to keep it a little warmer.
It really works and my lettuce is 1/4 inch high already!


  1. love this, i have been begging my husband to do this. since GMO foods and all that chemical foods are making me sick. love this!

  2. BRILLIANT! I neeeed to do this in my yard. Not sure what my husband would think, but I'm sure he'd be on board as long as tomatoes and onions are involved....

    1. This looks great - I to am a member of the Church of LDS and it is good to see how skillful and self sufficient you are. I am trying to make an air tight door for my greenhouse and now have some ideas - thanks.

  3. how's the plastic staying on the pvc?
    has the plastic worn or torn from sun/wind yet?