Saturday, May 19, 2012

Family Park Clean-Up Day

Wow!  We had a wonderful turnout for our annual Family Park Clean-Up Day.
As you can see, we had a lot of family members come and we
mowed, trimmed, and gave the whole park a face-lift and
it is now ready for the 2012 Farnworth Family Reunion!
We ended it with a real fun and tasty BBQ!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Books I have written

Since I retired in 2006, I have been busy researching my Family History and writing the following books:
The construction of our new home in Syracuse, Utah - 2006
To honor the Weatherill Family Legacy - 2007
In Memory of my Granddaughter Whitney Shreeve.  My Little Angel - 2007
Our Eleventh Anniversary Mexican Riviera Cruise - 2008
Herbert & Rosie Farnworth Ranch, Ashton, Idaho - 2008
The Building of our swimming pool - 2009
Farnworth Family Reunions 1915 to 2009 - 2009
Our Big Family Cruise to Hawaii - 2009
Our 2008 & 2009 Visit to Hawaii with Perry Jordan - 2009
The Jackson's 2010 Catalina & Ensanada Cruise - 2010
Farnworth Family Heritage in Picture Collages - 2010
The Children of Herbert & Rosie Lake Farnworth - 2010
The Life of Eva Ardell Farnworth in Pictures -2010
Vincent Shreeve 2nd Birthday Party - 2010
The Vision of George Farnworth - 2010
Vincent Shreeve Having Fun With Grandpa Jackson at Disneyland - 2010
4 Years of Camping & Fishing at Pass Lake 2007 to 2010
Five Year Diary & Autobiography of Herbert Farnworth - 2010
The Life of Leslie Earl Jackson - 2011
A Week at Disneyland With Tim Jackson Family - 2011
Book to Honor Gene & Bonnie Chantry at 2011 Reunion - 2011
Book to Honor Jerry Jackson at 2012 Reunion - 2011
Our Vacation at Jackson Hole with the Warners - 2011
Richard Jackson 2011 Family Reunion - 2011
Exploring the Sevenmile Flat Family Tradition - 2011
Camping With Friends - 2011
For Eva Watson - Our Mexican Riviera Cruise - 2011
For Jerry Jackson - Our Mexican Riviera Cruise - 2011
The Jackson's Adventure of a Lifetime
Our Mexican Riviera Cruise in Collages - 2011
The Life of Richard Eldon Jackson Vol #1 - 2011
The Life of Richard Eldon Jackson Vol #2 2012
The Life of Richard Eldon Jackson Vol #3 2013
The Life of Rosie Lake Farnworth - 2012
The Jacksons on an Alaskan Cruise - June 2012
Leslie & Jerry Jackson - Father & Son On Stage Sep 2012
Fishing With Friends - October 2012
Richard & Jerry Jackson - 14 Day Hawaii Cruise
November - December 2012
"Jackson Family Reunion"
7 Dec 2013

Bill Weatherill Book (PDF Version)
29 March 2014
"Frances Jane Weatherill Jackson - Book of Remembrance"
4 May 2014
"George Farnworth - Book of Remembrance"
6 April, 2014
"George Farnworth - 8 Generations of Descendants"
6 April 2014
"My Garden of Words" is the first volume of my mother's poems.
7 May 2014
"Family Love and Happenings" is the second volume of my mother's poems.
18 May 2014
"The Life of Earl Charles Jackson"
25 Dec 2014

Monday, May 7, 2012

Expanding the West side of the Family Park

As our family reunion grows bigger we are expanding our Family Park.
 First we developed the East side of the river.  This is the main camping area.
As you enter there is a East entrance (Left) and a West entrance (Right).
Above is the East Lower camping area improved and widened.
Last year we built the shed on the upper East main area.
This year we widened the West entrance and made it more accessible.
Then we widened and cleared the West side camping area and cut a road down on the South end.