Sunday, September 23, 2012

SEPTEMBER 23, Second Day of Fall, My Flowers

Today is the second day of Fall and so after attending the Brigham City Temple Dedication I walked around my yard and took pictures of some of my flowers.




SEPTEMBER- Canning Peaches, Apples, Plums and Prunes!

I have a new peach tree that just started producing peaches this year.  I picked nearly a bushel of peaches from it and I have now canned nearly two cases to eat this winter!
 Today was September 22, 2012.
Then on September 24 we canned quite a few jars of Raspberry-Plum Jam.
There was still time so we canned more peaches...
Then on September 26th we canned more Plum Jam and Apple Pie filling.

While we were at it we decided to make a Plum, a Prune and an Apple pie!

On September 27 I canned 11 quarts of Peach Pie Filling!

Friday, September 21, 2012

SEPTEMBER- Canning a variety of Jams.

This morning I went out and picked a lot of fruit from my garden and today we made 15, 20 oz. jars of all kinds of Jam.
We made several combinations of raspberry and peach, peach and prune, and peach and Plum.

SEPTEMBER- Canning Peaches & Prunes

I had a bumper crop of peaches and Stanley prunes this year.
After canning a case of 12 quart peaches I picked a few Stanley prunes and canned 11 quarts of them.
All of this fruit is starting to fill up my food storage shelves!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SEPTEMBER- Canning Raspberries and Drying Plums

My Raspberry patch is producing really good this year.
Today I canned 6 small jars of raspberries and I froze the rest.
This is the largest crop of Stanley prunes my tree has ever produced!  They look more like giant grapes all over the tree.
I cut a bunch of them in half and set them out in the sun to start them drying.
My other plum tree is producing a crop of very juicy and sweet plums too!

SEPTEMBER- Canning Jalapeno Peppers

This year when I bought what I thought to be Bell Peppers turned out to be Jalapino Peppers.  So I picked them and canned and froze the peppers.

AUGUST 25-27- Making Peach, Prune and Raspberry Pie

My early peaches are coming on fast so I went and picked them.
Then we made peach pie!
Next we made Peach, Plum and Raspberry desert!
I love harvest time!!!

AUGUST- Smoked Trout and Canning Salsa and Dill Pickles

We went fishing in the High Uintah Mountains and I brought back some trout and smoked them in my smoker.
Then we made some home made salsa.
We chopped up some cucumbers and zukini and made some Pickle Relish.
Next we made some dill pickle spears and dill slices.