Friday, November 9, 2012

Make your own Can Food Storage Box.

I will show you how to use most any size box and make it into  a food storage box for your storage room.

How to use and store a Cat tail Fire starter

This is a brief explaination on how to use Cat tails as Fire starters.  I also demonstrate how to store your cat tails.
If you don't have access to cat tails, don't worry.  You can also use dryer lint!

OCTOBER - My DIY Greenhouse

Every Winter when the snow flies I get itchy feet to get out and dig into the dirt.  So I decided to tinker around until I figured a way to build my own greenhouse.  It started out real simple:
Sch 40 1 inch PVC pipe is cheap and as a kid I liked building with Tinker Toys.  So I just started to tinker!

After a few days and several designs, it all started to come together.  I took into consideration the Winter rain and snow and of course the wind.  It had to be strong and yet light enough for me to move it if needed.
I still had to modify and strengthen it several more times
and then figure out how to cover it and install a door.

I used 6 mill plastic sheeting from Lowes, and hinged the door with a latch to keep it closed at night.
Above, you can see where I framed in a window on the back of my greenhouse.
I cut larger size PVC pipe into 2 inch segments and then cut them so they would just snap over the plastic sheeting and the pipe frame.  After a little trial and error I got the size just right and I used these home made clips to secure the plastic sheeting to the frame.

I then secured the door latch and hinges and started to furnish my new greenhouse. Was I ever excited when I put my first plants inside!

The finished size is about 8 feet wide and 8.5 feet deep and 7 feet tall.

I used my magnifying glass to burn some fun plant signs and
then I made one for the front door of my finished greenhouse.

When some guys bug their wife they are sent to the dog house but my wife is so sweet I get to go to my greenhouse where I grow her more flowers!
 Just in time for Winter! Nov 10, 2012 - Picture at 6 a.m. with a flash.
Picture without a flash! You can see I have strapped it down to
the cement and put a solar powered light in to keep it a little warmer.
It really works and my lettuce is 1/4 inch high already!