Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sweet Potato Pie!

I love Sweet Potatoes... so here goes my first Sweet Potato Pie
First I mashed the yams and then put on a
layer of brown sugar and chopped pecans.
 Next I put in the marshmallows and
another layer of brown sugar and pecans.
 Here it is already to go into the oven.
Now my mouth is beginning to water!
Here it is hot out of the oven and only minutes from my tummy!


  1. It was YUMMY!!

    There was more to the sweet potatoes than just smashing... We need to add these pix and the recipe to the "Tasty..." blog. ;D

    You & Matthew call it PIE if you want to... *sigh* LOL!

  2. Love your blog and YOUR WIFE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!